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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 31, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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romney's big night be remembered as clint eastwood talked trash to an empty chair. and isaac may be far removed from the hurricane status, the storm leaves vast portions of the state under water. the question is, where is the worst damage? we'll have a live report. and the college season gets under way with the commodores, flirting with an upset. the question is, no call on that play, really? it is way too early for this. . good morning, i'm willie geist, this is "way too early" the show that wants you to go ahead and make its day. i was not talking to you, i was talking to the chair. you're listening live on xm radio, or tweet me at willie geist, or you can do what dirty
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harry does, followed by a response to 662639. we'll have the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for friday, august 31st. can you believe it is the last day of august? and quite the final night at the republican national convention. many talked about clint eastwood's entitled show "the invisible man." and 41-year-old senator marco rubio, drawing big praise, for the vision he laid down in his speech to introduce mitt romney. this morning, mitt romney hit the campaign trail on a freshly wrapped plane that shows he is the official nominee of the republican party. he will hold a rally in virginia, where he appears alongside his running mate, paul ryan. and a night nobody will forget, from clint eastwood, to marco rubio, to romney himself. the former governor of
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massachusetts making an entrance as he made the rope line towards the stage. he made appeal, as did many speakers this week to women voters, talking about the parents who shaped his values. >> my mom and dad were true partners. a life lesson that shaped me by everyday example. when my mom ran for the senate, my dad was there for her every step of the way. i could still see her saying in her beautiful voice, why should women have any less say than men about the great decisions facing our nation? don't you wish you could have been here at this convention? and heard leaders like governor mary fallon, governor nikki haley, governor susana martinez, and secretary of state condoleeza rice. >> he set his vision on the only issue he wanted to talk about, the nation's struggling economy.
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he told americans who once believed in hope and change that it is time again for hope and change. >> how many days have you woke up feeling something was really happening in america that was special? many of you felt that way four years ago, hope and change had a powerful appeal. but today i ask you that question, if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama, shouldn't you feel that way while he is president obama. you know there is something wrong when president obama, the best feeling you have about him is the day you voted for him. president obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans, and to heal the planet. my promise to help you and your family. >> outside the speech made on wednesday night by condoleeza rice, we didn't hear a whole lot about foreign policy at this convention. romney did praise president obama briefly for the mission that killed osama bin laden, before moving on to hit the president for his leadership on
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the world stage. >> every american was relieved the day president obama gave the order and seal team 6 took out osama bin laden. on another front, every american is less secure today because he has failed to slow iran's nuclear threat. in his first tv interview as president, he said we should talk to iran. we're still talking, and iran's centrifuges are still spinning. president obama has thrown iraq under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on cuba, and abandoned the mission in poland, but walking away from the defense commission. but he is eager to give putin the flexibility he desires after the election. under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and mr. putin will see a little
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less flexibility, and more back bone. >> let's head right down to tampa to sort through all of this, with msnbc time analyst, mike halpern is the author of "game change." mike, thank you for joining us early, but start with your impression. >> you can do it half full or half empty, looking at mitt romney, i thought the personal connection was good, the story about his family were fine. i thought the attack lines on the president were pretty effective, and it was a speech in which he seemed more comfortable introducing himself. on the other hand i was surprised about how little he talked about what he would do to actually turn the country around. some of the middle class struggles, i think overall, this is significant, romney's people will acknowledge this. that coverage matters a lot. and between clint eastwood and
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the strength of the rubio speech, and some of the flaws in governor romney's presentation, i don't think he will be covered today and into the weekend in a way that people are going to say, wow, this was, a game-changing speech for him. and that matters a lot, because well, millions will have watched last night. he needed a sustained coverage to have people talking about this speech in the next week as the democrats will be in charlotte. >> we talked a lot about the press and the likeability factor, the impression on what he will do if he gets in office, if he does get there. there were speakers during the night who may have helped. unfortunately, the prime time audience didn't see that. did mitt romney make himself more likeable, humanize himself? is that even possible? >> willie, you old dinosaur, the cables get more coverage, some of the earlier speakers the video they showed before clint
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eastwood, it was also people talking about left, right and center. one of the most effective campaign films, going to the humanizing thing. i am doing all i can to address you and not the empty chair sitting there. because that is very much in vogue. i think it was a strong evening for humanizing, people talked about their dealings with governor romney were really touching. and i think governor romney talking about the family was quite emotional, and showed a side of him that was not real. but most of the people of the country have not seen it. the overall presentation is not going to be covered in a way that is going to expand and reverberate much more on the broadcast and on the internet. >> well, you joked about the empty chair next to you. but people are talking about clint eastwood's speech, perhaps more than the nominee. the 82-year-old actor-director,
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took the stage and did an ad-lil, sort of a one-man chai , directing what was supposed to be mr. obama. >> i have mr. obama here, what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himself. you're absolutely crazy. i -- you are getting as bad as joe biden. of course, we all know joe biden is the intellect of the democratic party, kind of a grin with a body behind it, you know -- >> that was just part of it. mike halperin, i had a very
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seasoned political expert tell me it was the most bizarre scene he had ever seen in politics. what did you make of it? mark, you got me? well, we lost our connection to mike halperin, what a shame. but if we get him back, guys let me know. we want to play a little bit of marco rubio. mike halperin mentioned his speech, and another guy who could be the future of this party. >> a few years ago during a speech, i noticed the bartender behind the portable bar in the back of the bar room. i remembered my father who worked for many years as a banquet bartender, he was grateful for the work he had. but that was not the life he wanted for us. you see, he stood behind the bar in the back of the room all of those years, so one day i could
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stand behind the podium in the front of a room. >> can't get mark reseconded -- we'll be live next week in charlotte, north carolina, as the scene moves there for the democratic national convention, of course you can see us, join us, black fin saloon is where we'll be on east trade street, we'll begin at 5:30 in the morning, and we'll see you there. and it took a presidential nominating speech to push isaac down in importance a little bit. the storm that dumped records amount of rain in louisiana when it made landfall as a category 1 hurricane. it is now a tropical depression. but as the winds die down, the dams are pushed to their limits. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you, willie, everybody is impressed by what a category 1 hurricane can do, along the gulf coast, very
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vulnerable to storm surges and heavy rains. that is exactly what we got from this storm, hurricane katrina, we really didn't see the worst pictures until about 24 hours after that. it was the same yesterday. possible dam problems, and in the town of slidell, the pumps couldn't keep up. the people had to be rescued by boats. these are pictures we wouldn't be able to see. this was obviously a category 1, only 80 miles an hour winds. but we did learn of two deaths, two bodies floated out in southeastern portions of louisiana, where the storm made landfall. we still could see isolated tornadoes, but from here on out it will mostly be beneficial rains to the hard-hit drought areas of arkansas, missouri, and here is where isaac is located this morning, almost right over the top of little rock.
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but even at this hour, we have thunderstorms still in louisiana, and a tornado warning for northeast corner of louisiana. so we're not completely done with the possibility of damaging winds from the thunderstorms with isaac. now as far as what we'll deal with in the days ahead with isaac, the storm will rain itself out, by saturday, sunday, monday in ohio it should be weaker. the storm is just about done. but we hope for the beneficial rains. as far as what we deal with, there are stops, hurricane kirk and tropical storm leslie. we call these fish storms, they will never affect any land areas, turning harmlessly out in the open area. this is a very active hurricane season. >> all right, bill, thank you so much. the rains moved away from isaac, but now they are assessing the damage. still ahead, on "way too early,"
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vanderbilt opening college season with a full house in nashville. the boys had the gamecocks on the ropes, could they pull it towards the national championships. and highlights in sports. i thought maybe it was an excuse. what do you mean shut up? okay. >> we'll give you much more of the speech so many people are talking about this morning. clint eastwood getting big applause inside the hall, but how did the act play out across the country? that story, when "way too early" comes back. the 36-year-old died the way she lived, going fast and surrounded by photographers. her death leads questions of the
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welcome back to "way too early" it is 5:46 in the morning, in tampa they have wrapped up the republican national convention. back here, 30 rock, we do sports, the college season began last night with vanderbilt hosting ninth ranked south carolina in nashville. second quarter, down 10-0, and jordan matthews does the rest, out running the south carolina defense 78 yards for the touchdown. vanderbilt down only three points, fourth quarter, up three, smelling upset. after a drive here, marcus latimore back from an injury, punches it in, pushing carolina back up, 17-13, and vanderbilt
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has to have that, converts on seventh and 14, rogers pass, falling incomplete. turned over on downs. that is matthews again. he can't believe there was no flag on the play, and neither will you, when you look at this re-play. the carolina defender pulls down his arm, there it is right there. that, my friends, is the definition of pass inference. the no call causes vanderbilt to win big, they win 17-13, vanderbilt has to score more than 13 points, can't blame that on one call. and houston taking on rice. brett hunley beating out the seniors, first snap of his college career making a pretty fw impression, weaving through the rice defense for a touchdown, all the way. 72 yards. ucla rolls, 49-24, not such a great moment for one college football player, check this out.
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kent state, punting to tolleson here, nice job, except -- he picks it up, and runs the wrong way. you're going to wrong way. why -- he tackled him, i'll never know. he didn't end up in the end zone for a safety, brought down by the players, but he rumbled 58 yards the wrong way, pretty impressive. by the way, the officials got this one wrong, too, the ball should have been blown dead when he touched it. wrong way, there it is. the a's, they are hot. winning their sixth straight, beat the indians 12-7. josh reddick, that is his 12th. ten strikeouts for the orioles as they beat the white sox, 5-3, the orioles just three games back now with the yankees, a's, o's now topping the a-l wild
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card, the rays down there in tap tampa, just a game and a half back. and finally, andy roddick will retire. he won the open back in 2003, once ranked number one in the world. he is scheduled to play bernard tommk, at arthur ashe stadium. he said he wanted to end things where he had his best memory in flushing for the u.s. open. can't feel terrible for andy, he now has a life ahead with brooklyn decker. and coming up, the quest for the republican nomination is over. live in tampa to break down the speech from mitt romney. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch clint eastwood share the stage with the chair. the piece everybody is talking
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we told you at the top of the show that mitt romney used part of the acceptance speech in tampa last night to make appeal
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to the women voters. we heard a lot about that. the women make up the majority of the electorate, but have not always been a presence. tell your friends women didn't act as delegates until the 19 hundreds, women didn't attend the convention in significant numbers until 1920, after they had won the right to vote. we talked about it earlier, clint eastwood's speech last night where he questioned an empty chair, meant to be a stand-in for president obama. he asked invisible chair president obama about his 2008 campaign promises. >> i have mr. obama sitting here, and i just was going to ask him a couple of questions, so mr. president, how do you handle -- how do you handle promises that you have made when you're running for election, and how do you handle -- how do you
5:55 am
handle it? i mean, what do you say to people? do you just -- you know, i know -- people -- people are wondering, you don't -- you don't have it. okay. well, i know even some of the people in your own party who were very disappointed when you didn't close gitmo. and i thought, well, why close it? we spent so much money on it. but, i thought maybe it is an excuse -- what do you mean shut up? okay. and i think if you just kind of stepped aside, and mr. mitt romney can kind of take over, you could still use the plane. though maybe a smaller one, not that big gas guzzler that you go in when you go to colleges and talk about student loans. it doesn't hurt, we don't have
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to be -- i don't say that word anymore. well, maybe one last time. i'll start it, you finish it. go ahead. >> make my day. >> all right. thank you, thank you very much. >> eastwood's act has inspired an internet trend overnight. the hash tag, eastwooding, the tim tebow eet mocking photos of clint eastwood, east wooding, propering up chairs and pointing fingers at unoccupied sofas. it attracted more than 35,000 followers overnight. and the president's campaign staff wasting no time to join in. tweeting this photo with the caption, this seat is taken. still too early, why wait,
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